mrs. self destruct

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she shines in a world full of ugliness
she matters when everything is meaningless
fragile, she doesn't see her beauty
she tries to get away...

writer. 25. alabama atheist.
loner. stoner. anxious.

this is a BODY POSITIVITY blog.

There are people I barely know in my apartment (roommate’s friends, but roommate’s not home) and I should just be able to walk in like, what up bitches, I pay rent here, I’mma do what I want. Instead, I’m sitting in the parking lot and waiting for them to finish hanging out on my balcony so I can go inside and do laundry.

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  1. yovegan said: Oh my word I know how you feel. Last semester my roommate had like literally five girls in the room and they were using my electric kettle to make ramen and they were talking about the guys they banged and I sat quietly on my bunk and I dislike them all.
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